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Do you feel like your website is a wasted investment?

A website is considered a wasted investment if no one is finding your site. Either it’s not visible online or it’s not easy to search in the search engines of:

What to do if your website is failing to deliver?


Get a closer and much deeper assessment of your website.


Start looking after it.

If you can’t or don’t know how to do these two things, hire someone who will and make sure that someone can do it really well.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. SEO makes your website search engine friendly so it will be visible and be easily found for search terms related to your business and industry. That is why keywords are important to your business just as your business name.


  • Google

    Over 90% of new visitors to the websites come from search engines.

  • Google

    Over 50% of online conversions from website to actual paying customers are through being discovered on search engines.

  • Google

    50% of smaller businesses gain a significant portion of customers from online through search engines.

Without keywords and SEO, your website cannot be seen by potential new customers.

With Global WebForce’s FREE website assessment, you will get a comprehensive report that details the following:

  • Website strengths

  • Top competitors

  • Website technical issues

  • Professional recommendations on improving your SEO

  • Recommendations about building your business online

Global WebForce has worked with small and big businesses in various industries. These companies have gained insights in not only improving their website’s SEO but also enhancing their business presence online.

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