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Web Creation
Initial Project Scope

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  1. General purpose of the website. What primary objectives do you want to achieve with this website?

  2. Please provide at least 3 inspiration websites so our team can understand the look and feel that you want.

  3. Features and functionalities. Please choose what features and functionalities you want to incorporate into your website.


    Please Specify :

  4. Your target audience.


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  5. Geo-target locations.

  6. Target Completion Date

  7. Ballpark budget. This can help us tailor our services to give you the most benefit for your money.

  8. Content and images for the website.

    8.1 Do you have a logo and existing branding (corporate colours, font, etc?)

    Please specify the colors you want to use for the logo.

    Other Specifications or Message.

    8.2 Will you provide us the content for your website?

    9.0 Preferred payment option:

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After submitting the scoping document, you can fill in the content writing scoping document by clicking on this link.